How to Optimize Male Fertility


The most important part of getting pregnant is the sex. It sounds silly, but the first thing you need to do is make sure you’re doing it right. Make sure that you’re having unprotected vaginal intercourse and then neither partner is using any type of contraception or birth control. Penis in the vagina.


Timing matters, too. Women are not equally fertile every day of the month. The most fertile time is immediately during ovulation or when the egg in the female is passing toward the uterus. When there’s no egg ready there’s no way to create a baby. Intercourse daily in the two to three days prior to ovulation and through the days following ovulation increases fertility. Your gynecologist can better help you understand and track ovulation, but many kits and apps are available online and at the pharmacy that track you daily temperature. A very slight rise in your temperature, when measured at the same time each day, can signal the start of ovulation.

Cervical Contact

After ejaculation the female should prop her pelvis up on a pillow for 15 minutes to maximize the contact of the semen with the cervix.

Focus on the Boys

Once you’ve got the timing down you need to focus on the balls. There’s a reason the testicles are in a sack instead of instead the belly. Sperm develops best when at a temperature slightly lower than body temperature. To help, make sure you avoid tight-fitting underwear. Stick to boxers or commando. Definitely avoid hot tubs and hot baths as well. Those high temperatures can kill off your sperm.

There is some evidence that antioxidants can also improve your sperm parameters. Taking a fertility supplement may help, though results are certainly not guaranteed. The supplement I recommend to my patients is ConceptionXR from Theralogix. They are not paying me to say this.

Beware the Toxins

More obvious is to make sure you avoid any toxic exposures. This can include chemical at work or home. Metalworking, welding, farming, and painting may expose people to chemicals that can damage sperm. The most common toxic exposures come from smoking, drugs, and alcohol. If you’re trying to get pregnant it’s the perfect time to quit smoking. Drugs, especially, marijuana can lower sperm counts and decrease motility. Sperm quality also appears to drop in direct relation to amount and frequency of alcohol consumption. Time to kick all these bad habits.

Lifestyle Changes

And it’s time to get to the gym. You need to move, ideally a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio per day. Also sleep; 6 hours or more per day. And de-stress. Relax, meditate. Get acupuncture. Get a massage. Relax.

Lastly, eat healthy. Ideally, go vegan. At a minimum cut back on meat and dairy consumption. A healthy body makes healthier sperm.

You can definitely improve your chances with some lifestyle changes.  Remember that in the end it’s all about more sperm and healthy sperm.

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